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Hi there, Tyler J. Smith…

I'm a Brand, Marketing, and Communications specialist, author, college professor and entrepreneur. I've uncovered a secret that successful business builders have been using for decades. I want to share it with you and pass this forward.

I transitioned in my career many times, including working for myself to being an employee and back again. I’ve built my direct seller, multi-level and coaching businesses. It wasn’t always easy. I love to share the lessons and habits I learned in my journey. 

For the last 20 years I have been privileged to coach people and businesses in various industries, mostly to help them develop successful brands and marketing that lead to increased income. I noticed that, regardless of the industry, despite being successful many of my clients wanted a change – they wanted to create something that makes them happy, to work for themselves.

When working for a company, my clients had the information they needed. They had the support they needed. They had lots of technology solutions. Yet, when they struck out on their own, many of them would soar, then fall, sometimes more than once. I am here to serve you!

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“The great thing about a habit is that you created it and that means you can  uncreate it and form something new. This should excite you. The world of  possibilities is yours.”

– Tyler J. Smith