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Habit Trackers

What size is the book?

A5 Paper size = 148mm X 210mm or 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inches (fits Filofax compatible binders).

Does the loose-leaf version come with a binder?

We do not currently sell binders but stay tuned!  We’re looking for eco-friendly versions just for you.

What size binder should I get?

Seamless integration with your own A5 size binder (6-hole punch) (fits Filofax compatible binders).

What kind of paper do you use? Is it earth friendly?

Our paper feels like top quality while supporting our green planet. Made with 100% recycled content. Bleed-resistant premium 90gsm/24lb sustainable paper.

The front covers are interesting, do they really contain seeds?

Yes, isn’t it great? You can take off the cover anytime you’d like (there is an inside cover).  When you plant the front cover it’s like you are growing your dreams in the form of wildflowers.

What about the ink? Is the ink eco-friendly?

You betcha. Our awesome print partner uses sustainable inks with a combination of plant-based and VOC-free inks. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.

Where is the book made?

The book is entirely made in North America.

Why do I need to order four books for one year?

Each book contains one business quarter – three months.  We decided to make the books that size to control the size and weight.  Also, it’s cool to measure our progress by the quarter so we can adjust as needed.

Book Components

What are the key components of the book?

The real star of this book is the monthly Habit Tracker section, where you decide which new habits you’d like to implement towards your larger goal.  Easy to see and track your progress at a glance.

I noticed the paper has dots on it rather than lines. What’s that about?

That is our dot paper (thank you Captain Obvious).  We find dot paper so freeing especially for people who tend to have messy handwriting and writing in the lines is a challenge.  Dot paper allows you to be creative yet stay neat.

I love inspirational quotes. How many quotes are in the book?

We are right there with you!  We love great inspiring quotes too that’s why we have a LOT of them.  There are quotes to set each month up, then each day has a quote.  ALSO, you will notice that we honor three heritage months and each quote in that month is represented by a leader in that community.  Whew!  That’s a lot of inspiration to go around. 

This sounds complicated. How am I going to learn this system?

We have you covered.  We have a detailed video that comes with an instructional booklet that goes through the book in easy steps.  Plus a quick start guide at the front of each book.

Direct Sellers and Multi-Level Business Owners.

Why is this book especially for Direct Sellers and Multi-Level Business Owners?

We feel that the Direct Seller and Multi-Level business is indeed the business of the “21st Century” and beyond.  It offers adults in differing ages and stages the opportunity to thrive as business owners with lower risk and huge potential.

What about the book is made specifically for Direct Sellers and Multi-Level Business Owners?

We love this question.  We know how important it is to build your customer base and your team in order to qualify for key pay levels within your parent company.  We track Qualifying Volume for yourself and your team by the year, month and day.

How can I use this for my team?

This system is custom made for team engagement.  Setting goals together as a team is so powerful, however following up and staying accountable with each other is even better!  These tracker pages are made to send to your team accountability partners - simply take a picture and send.  AND can even offer a bit of healthy competition. 

Why not use an app to track team performance?

We love a great app.  That said, we understand that people of very different experiences enter this business model.  We’ve made this system really user friendly – literally on day one you can get going.  Plus, the physical act of writing increases retention, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Online Course

What is the Online Course About?

This Course is about you, supporting you with practical lessons and exercises to set your big goal by writing your Intention Statement, your Why Statement and your Goal Statement then breaking that goal down into manageable and actionable steps.

How long is the Course?

The Course takes approximately 2 ½ hours to complete.  Grab your tea and a snack and you’re done before you know it.

Can I do this with my team?

We are so glad you asked.  Yes, and yes please.  This Course is great to do as a team, set goals, build comradery, accountability and success!

How is the Course structured?

The Course is structured to go with a short, easy to read booklet.  Then there are 7 modules which take on average 20 minutes each to complete.  Each module has a video, a module booklet and fun quizzes to help solidify learning.

How can I do the course?

When you purchase the Course, you will get access to your own login.  You can then download the course booklet and module booklets.  You can watch each module video in the Course portal.  All are easy to view on your cell, portable or desktop.

What comes with the course?

Each Course comes with a Course Booklet, seven Course Module Booklets, seven Module videos.

Do I need to print anything to do the course?

No printing necessary.  We designed it that way, no extra costs necessary.

How long do I have access to my Course?

You will always have access to your Course.  We encourage you to take it multiple times, especially as you’re achieving and setting new goals and bringing on new team members.

Other Courses like this are hundreds and thousands of dollars more, Why is the course price so low?

Yes, that is a great question.  We really wanted to make this course accessible for everyone on your team and future team.  We consider this part of our service to helping you.

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