Your Success Guide - Unstoppable Edition

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Our Simple System for Success

Who doesn’t appreciate a good acronym?

So, we came up with our own to keep this system simple so you can concentrate on building your success rather than learning yet another system.



This is your foundation. Set your goal (with Intention) by crafting  your Intention, Why and Goal  Statements. When you take our fun and  easy online Course, we give you all the support you need to craft your worthy  goal.


Set your plan (Schedule)  When designing your  schedule, work back from your Goal (and desired sales  volume). In other words,  decide when you want to achieve your  goal (accountability). Then, work backwards from that  date to schedule targets (milestones) that you must meet along that course of action.  


Lights, Camera, ACTION!  The next step is to carry  out your plan - if you don’t,  what good are the  Intention statement and  your Schedule? Not much.  Every day, you are going  to track your income  producing activities as you  work to achieving your  goal.


It's natural for us to think that we're doing more than we are, which is why tracking is so important. Once you’ve set your goals, decide which new habits you will implement to achieve your awesome goals.